Why Rent Furniture?

Own Less. Do More.

Freedom From Commitment

Buying furniture is the 3rd most significant purchase people make, next to buying a house and a car. When you rent furniture, you enjoy freedom and flexibility that is difficult to find when purchasing furniture. You’re in charge…

  • Keep it as long as you want
  • Own less, so you can do more!
  • Love it? Keep it as your own!

Freedom to Change Your Mind

Did you know that a sofa lasts 7 to 15 years on average? That’s a lot of commitment to one style (yikes!), especially when interior design trends change every 2 to 3 years. When you rent furniture, you’re not tied down to one style, color, or look. You have options!

  • You Can Change Out Your Furniture
  • You’ll Always Have a Style You Love
  • High Quality for Minimal Investment

Flexible Rental Options

If you need everything and want everything done for you,
shop packages pre-designed for you. Are you more the type of person who wants to select each piece of furniture yourself? No problem, shop by the item.

  • Shop Packages…for Every Budget & Need
  • Shop by the Item…a Few Pieces or a Houseful
  • Add Electronics, Kitchen & Bath Essentials

Freedom from Heavy Lifting

Our team of Employee Owners are here for you. We do all the heavy lifting to make your move hassle free.

  • Assembly Included
  • Arrangement & Set-up Included
  • Fast delivery often within one business day

Everything is done for you. All you do is move-in!

Keep Dumpsters Empty

When you rent furniture you help the environment by keeping discarded, unwanted, or cheap furniture out of landfills. With rental furniture you receive higher quality for less money and reduce the environmental impact.

Once our rental furniture has met its maximum rental lifespan, we work with various organizations and non-profit groups and donate the furniture to give it a second life.