Visit our Used Furniture Clearance Centers

Furniture Options offers previously leased furniture, "New2You" at astronomically low prices. All furniture has been cleaned and gone through a certification process before going to our clearance center.


  • Upholstery has been visually inspected for imperfections

  • Any holes are sewn and repaired

  • Upholstery is vacuumed and spot cleaned

  • Upholstery is then cleaned using an extractor

  • Legs are inspected for proper installation and touched up


  • Lighting has been visually inspected for imperfections

  • Socket and cord have been inspected and appears safe

  • Lighting has been tested and is functioning properly

  • Checked for properly fitting shade and harp

  • Lighting is cleaned and touched up


Including Linens, Electronics, Appliances & Accessories

  • Each item is visually inspected for imperfections

  • Cords and plugs have been inspected and appear safe

  • Any repairs required are completed and item is touched up

  • All items are cleaned and confirmed rust free

  • Linens are folded and displayed properly

Used furniture is on sale and available now in a showroom clearance center near you. Inventory changes daily.

Case Goods

  • Visually inspected for imperfections

  • Drawers, tops, kick-plates and legs have been repaired

  • Drawers cleaned and vacuumed

  • Legs and feet are inspected for proper installation and touched up

  • Exterior is cleaned and touched up


  • Artwork and pictures are visually inspected for imperfections

  • Each piece with glass is checked to insure no chips or cracks

  • Hanging art is checked to make sure wire is intact (if applicable)

  • Picture frame is touched up

  • Picture is cleaned

Photos from one of our showrooms.