Moving is stressful, renting furniture doesn’t have to be. Furniture Options provides high quality furniture rental solutions to people in transition. Take the stress out of finding stylish, comfortable, and affordable furniture and make your life easier with the flexibility of rental furniture from Furniture Options today!

Shop Packages

Hassle free, pre-designed rental furniture packages. Choose the package that best meets your budget & needs.

  • Pre-designed packages
  • Best value to furnish your entire home
  • Optional kitchen and linen packages available
  • EASY, we do all the heavy lifting, then you move-in
  • Fast delivery often within one business day

Shop by the Item

Experience the ultimate in flexibility when you rent by the item. Rent temporarily, rent to own, or buy anytime!

  • You select your furniture and subscription length
  • Keep or exchange at the end of your subscription
  • Never pay more than retail
  • The longer you subscribe the less you pay
  • Fast delivery often within one business day

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Freedom to Move Freedom to Change Your Mind Freedom to be Daring

When you rent your home you have the freedom to change your surroundings as often as you like. Renting your furniture gives you that same freedom!

Rental furniture isn’t just a good idea for a rented home. Whether you’re in your place short-term or for the long haul, renting furniture is a fun way to keep things fresh. Styles seem to change overnight, but with rental furniture you always have the newest trends in your home.

Not sure of your style? Want to try something new? Rental and Subscription furniture gives you the ability to test the waters. That look isn’t for you? Try again! If you decide you like it keep it and you’ll never pay more than retail.

Moving to a new place? The furniture that looks great in your current home might not work so well in the next one. With rental and subscription furniture, you can start all over with completely fresh furnishings every time you move (or change your mind)—without spending a fortune!

You choose the option that’s right for you.