Furniture Your Team Will Love
At a Price You Will Love!

Whether you’re renting for a single employee or a group of workers, there’s no question that a happy employee is a productive employee.

When your team heads back to their temporary home at the end of the day, they’ll need something to relax on that’ll keep them happy, so they can do their best work for you when they’re on the clock.

The good news for you? We got just the thing!

At Furniture Options, we deliver fabulous furniture packages that consistently exceed customer standards, while staying within employers’ budget. With three levels of furniture options, we’re able to pair you and your employees with the best furniture at the best price.

When you partner with Furniture Options, we’ll work diligently with you to create a customized furniture package that answers both you and your employees’ needs. Your team will have their furnishings for as long as they need, then enjoy our unmatched short notice pick ups when your employees are ready to go.

It’s a real win-win!

Customized Furniture Packages
No Long Term Commitments
Short Notice Pick-Up

Furniture for Every Style and Budget

Furniture Options is dedicated to providing businesses and organizations rental furniture, housewares and accessories suited to your company needs and the lifestyle of those you’re housing.

From living, dining room and bedroom furniture, to kitchen and bath essentials, accessories and electronics – we have everything you’ll need to make any extended stay feel more like home. We take the worry out of relocation.

Which collection best fits you?

The Essentials Collection starting at $189/mo

The Essentials Collection

Starting at $189 to $239/Month

The Essentials Collection offers everything your team needs at a tremendous cost! Complete with living room, dining room, and bedroom furnishings, your team will enjoy walking into a fully furnished home ready to be enjoyed.

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The Lifestyle Collection

Starting at $289 to $319/Month

Our most popular package offers a boost to the Essentials Collection that makes it a great option for both managers and their team members. When ordering the Lifestyle Collection, your furnishings will include upgraded sofas, tables, and bedroom sets at a great value.

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The Lifestyle Collection starting at $289/mo
The Signature Collection starting at $429/mo

The Signature Collection

Starting at $429 to $469/Month

When your executives travel, they deserve the best.

Our Signature Collection provides luxurious furnishings for your team members. Provide the best experience for your traveling team. More furnishings plus premium features like leather sofas, sectionals, and upgraded materials mean the Signature Collection will WOW your team members starting at $429 per month in some markets.

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Additional Furnishings & Accessories

We’re proud to offer a variety of packages that can accommodate the needs and budgets of service members throughout the Midwest, but we also know that not everyone fits perfectly into a single style. That’s why we offer a TON of additional features to get you furnishings to fit your exact taste and needs so you feel right at home in your new housing.

From nursery furniture to electronics, we have your six. Here is a small sampling of additions available:
  • Additional Bedroom Sets
  • Full Kitchenware Sets
  • Complete Linens Packages
  • Electronics
  • Washer/Dryers
  • Recliners
  • Area Rugs
  • Barstools
  • High Chairs

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Our Work Speaks for Itself!


Essentials Collection

Just need the basics?
Everything you need for the best comfort, quality, and value.

Essentials Collection
Living Room
  • 1x Basic Sofa
  • 1x Basic Chair
  • 1x Basic Cocktail & End Table(s)*
  • Standard Table Lamps
Dining Room**
  • 5-piece Basic Dining Table & Chairs
  • 1x Basic Dresser w/ Mirror
  • 1x Basic Headboard
  • 1x Basic Night Stand
  • 1x Standard Mattress, Foundation & Frame
  • Standard Lamps

Lifestyle Collection

Our most popular option!
Versatile styling and quality to fit your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Collection

Living Room
  • 1x Standard Sofa
  • 1x Standard Chair
  • 1x Standard Cocktail & End Table(s)*
  • Standard Table Lamps
Dining Room**
  • 5-piece Standard Dining Table & Chairs
  • 1x Standard Dresser w/ Mirror
  • 1x Standard Panel or Upholstered Headboard
  • 1x Standard Night Stand
  • 1x Standard Mattress, Foundation & Frame
  • Standard Lamps

Signature Collection

Looking for the best?
Enjoy premium options like leather sofas or sectionals.

Signature Collection
Living Room
  • 1x Premium Sofa
  • 1x Premium Chair
  • 1x Premium Cocktail & End Table(s)*
  • Standard Table Lamps
  • Premium Floor Lamp*
  • Accent Cabinet or Accent Table
  • Large Artwork
  • Complimentary Artwork
  • Table Top Décor
  • Area Rug
  • Accent Pillows
Dining Room**
  • 5–7 piece Premium Dining Table & Chairs*
  • Metal Artwork or Mirror
  • 1x Premium Dresser w/ Mirror
  • 1x Premium Upholstered Platform Bed***
  • 1x Premium Night Stand(s)*
  • 1x Premium Mattress, Foundation & Frame
  • Standard Lamps
  • Large Bedroom Art
  • Table Top Décor

*Contents could vary based on floor plan.
**Bar or Counter Stools may be substituted for Dining Table & Chairs.
***Platform beds are in Queen size only.