Featured Team Member - Iron Man Joe

"Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving". -- Albert Einstein


Joseph, from our Kansas City furniture rental location, is a pretty amazing guy and he definitely keeps moving! He has been riding his bike to and from work (15 miles each way), for almost every day of the 8 years he's worked at Furniture Options. 

Joseph's nick name is Iron Man Joe, and on July 3, 2014 he proved just how much he deserves the name because that was the day he was hit by a car riding his bike to work. The bike flew into the air, Joseph went up and then he came down. Miraculously he was uninjured - despite a bit of road rash - and came in to the office and worked the entire day! That day he proved he is worthy of his nick name!

Joseph sets a great example of health and wellness for all of our team members and for his son Devin, who is 13 years old and as his dad says "is a bit of a nerd".  "He likes computers, video games, and just about anything electronic and has a bright future in the tech industry".  Joseph leads by example showing his techy son how important physical exercise is to keep the mind and body healthy.

Adding to Joseph's well rounded life is his love for cooking.  He makes things from scratch staying away from processed foods. He says, "I spend much of my time cooking and making up my own recipes.  Gotta have fuel for those bike rides!"  

Joseph also sets a great example in his work ethic and attention to detail and customer service. One of our best customers said "I know I don't have to worry about my delivery and set-up if Joseph is on the delivery".